The Living Rosary

‘The peculiar advantages of the living rosary consist, first, in the assigning of a small portion of the rosary to each person, and thereby inducing a greater number of individuals to unite in it ; secondly, in bringing together a number of pious Christians in the exercise of prayer, and thirdly, in causing the members of each company by this means to become partakers of each other’s prayers and devotions, and to acquire individually the merit of reciting the whole rosary, from the circumstance of its being recited by the band to which they belong. Christians, therefore, have the strongest inducements to join in the devotion of the living Rosary.’ From:

SEVENTH QUESTION.—Are Sodalists [of the Living Rosary] bound to recite their daily decade with their lips, or voice ?

R. Yes; it is the common teaching in the Church that all
prayers to which indulgences are attached, or which are prescribed
as a condition for the gaining of some other indulgences,
must be pronounced vocally.

EIGHTH QUESTION.—Is each Sodalist bound to meditate,
whilst reciting his decade, on the special mystery allotted to
him ?
R. Yes; each Sodalist is bound to do so under the penalty of
not gaining the indulgences, according to a decision of the
Sacred Congregation of Indulgences. (12 Aug., 1726.) However,
this condition is fully complied with by announcing the
mystery just before beginning to recite the decade, and by
keeping before the mind during its recital that announcement. (S. C.
Indulg., 28 Jan., 1842.)


THE Living Rosary is substantially the same devotion as the ordinary Rosary, it consequentlv
possesses all its excellence and advantages, and
differs from it only in the: manner of reciting it. But
entirely distinct from these, it derives a special excellence
and special advantages from the peculiar manlter
in which it is recited.
In the first place, as the portion of the Rosary
which each person has to recite, according to the
rules of the Living Rosarv, is so very small, there is
thereby an inducement for a greater number to unite
in it. Many allege that the ordinary Rosary is too
long, and that their occupations and duties allow them
not time enough to say it. Hence it is that the Rosary
is practised only by a few ; in fact, it may be
said to be confined as a daily devotion to religious

But when it is divided according to
the plan of the Living Rosary, amongst a circle of
fifteen associates, each of whom has to recite only
one decade, this excuse is at once removed, and hundreds
are disposed to unite in the devotion. What,
then, is the practical result? The practical result is
that for every circle of fifteen, who unite in the Living
Rosary, so many full and entire Rosaries are said
every day, and said by those who would, perhaps,
never say a single Rosary by themselves.

A further advantage of the Living Rosary is, that
it unites a number of individuals in the holy exercise
of prayer. This advantage is specially noticed by
his late Holiness in the Brief approving the devotion. “
The devotion,” observes the Holy Father of the
faithful, ” acquiring in some sort increased efficacy
from such a union of suppliants, it must necessarily
be more agreeable to God, who, implored by common
entreaty, is moved to commiseration and favor.”


Some objected that the repetition of the Rosary was childish and the other forms of prayer would have greater merit. To which Pauline replied, “Suppose you had been on earth when the Holy Family were living and you knew they were partial to a certain kind of flower. Wouldn’t you try to get it for Them, even though you yourself preferred another!” Let us learn to appreciate the value of the Rosary which the Blessed Virgin recommends to us so strongly.

“The Rosary is not a devotion to the Blessed Virgin, it is THE devotion to Mary!”–Pauline-Marie Jaricot “

“As a false coiner does not ordinarily counterfeit any thing but gold and silver, or very rarely the other metals, because they are not worth the trouble, so the evil spirit does not for the most part counterfeit the other devotions, but only those to Jesus and Mary, the devotion to Holy Communion, and to out Blessed Lady, because they are, among other devotions, what gold and silver are amongst metals.” St. Louis-Marie Montfort.
Let us take care to say the Rosary w/o falling into the traps of the devil, especially the trap of saying it fast which is the fruit of negligence, lukewarmness, and aversion towards the Ave Maria and Rosary.