I am trying to find out how to pray the Rosary well.
St. Louis-Marie said that those who pray the Rosary everyday will not be led astrayed by the devil. But many people claim to pray the Rosary everyday but have contradicting opinions in doctrines. This means that most people are not saying the Rosary correctly. I believe that the most common error is praying the Rosary fast (15-20 min per 5 decade). It should be said quite slow about one hour per 5 decade, as St. Francis de Sales did, who made the vow of praying the daily chaplet (5 decades) before going to sleep everyday, despite his busy schedule as a bishop.

If we have the time, 15 decade Rosary should be said, totalling 3 hrs. If we can’t find the time to pray 5 decades at once (an hour), we could, as St. Louis-Marie says, pray a decade at a time (10 minutes). St. Louis-Marie said that we can even pray while working when we can’t find the time. The Ave Maria was always on the lips of Bl. Alain de la Roche, and a Korean martyr used to pray the Rosary always, even when sweeping the floor.

There seems to be something special about 3 hour prayer. Our Lord JESUS prayed 3 hrs in the Garden of Olives, and in a Catholic story (Mystery of the Wizard Clip) we read that a Voice told the Livingstons to pray for 3 hrs straight. ‘Often the Voice would come and exclaim, “I want prayers” It would awaken Mr. and Mrs. Livingston at night and tell them to pray hard for perseverance and for sinners. Sometimes it made them pray for three hours; they admitted that it did not seem to be more than a few minutes.’




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