One must say the Rosary kneeling, not sitting

One day, when
she was sitting down while saying the Rosary,
her heavenly Mother appeared before her and
said, “I am surprised, my child, that you
serve me so carelessly; ”
and though she was
very young, Margaret never forgot that reproof,
and redoubled her efforts to be earnest and
reverent in every prayer and devotion. At
thirteen years old she was giving two hours
in the early morning and two hours at night
to prayer,…

Forty-fifth Rose

129. I would like to add that the Rosary ought to be said reverently, that is to say, it ought to be said as much as possible, kneeling, with hands joined, clasping the rosary. However, if you are ill, you can, of course, say it in bed; or if one is travelling it can be said while walking; if, on account of some infirmity, you cannot kneel you can say it standing or sitting. You can even say it while working if your duties do not allow you to leave your job, for work with one’s hands is not always incompatible with vocal prayer.


One Response to “One must say the Rosary kneeling, not sitting”

  1. Adam Says:

    I take exception to this. I suffer from OsteArthritis and kneeling is extremely difficult for more than a few minutes at a time. I usually pray the Rosary while sitting and the Holy Mother still answers my prayers as swiftly as ever.

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