How long should the Rosary take?

I’ve been thinking of how long it should take to say the Rosary. I feel that it should be prayed much slower than normal (15-25min per 5 decade). 

The following passages are excerpted from:,M1

From his youth, Francis de Sales had

formed the habit of saying his chaplet

daily. Later, he made a vow to do so… To recite it, he employed

a considerable time which seemed

to him brief,—an hour [60 minutes] said St. de Chantal,—lingering in pious consideration on

the mysteries of the Rosary; it was a

familiar, childlike talk with his heavenly

Mother, and he readily forgot himself

near her.

In the Secret of the Rosary it says St. Dominic made the people say the Rosary extremely slowly (although traslated as ‘very slowly,’ an auto-translation gave the more emphatic ‘extremely slowly’) to drive out 15,000 devils out of a heretic who made fun of the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. I think the best way to find out without any doubt is to find out how long it took St. Bernadette to say the Rosary when OLO Lourdes herself was with her (Our Lady only said the Glory Be part because she is not a sinner, and PATER and AVE is for sinners only).


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